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There are many ways to personalize your home, but none other is better or more affordable than paint. KML Painting Services LLC in Windham, ME offers professional painting services for the features around your home, from doors and trim to drywall and ceilings.

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Ways to touch up your home

Ways to touch up your home

A little bit of paint goes a long way. At KML Painting Services, we offer a wide range of custom painting services to give your home a new look and feel. Consider:

  • Interior trim painting: Most new homes come with unfinished doors and trim. Give your home a finished look with custom interior trim painting.
  • Drywall and ceiling painting: Stark-white walls and ceilings aren't doing your home any good. Let us give your home some color.
  • Cabinet staining: You don't have you remodel your kitchen. We can give your kitchen a whole new look by painting or staining your cabinets.
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